The Cape Town Good Food and Wine Show is nothing more than an orgy of advertising and a culmination of Western consumerism. There is nothing new on offer and nothing you haven’t seen before. There is certainly nothing that can be deemed as “food appreciation” – the only appreciation I had was for the hot chefs and waiters.


Just Human | Shame Review

Steve McQueen is still “The King of Cool”, but now he’s also black and British. This is a director I will definitely be keeping my eye on. His work in Shame, as well as his debut Hunger, is powerful and intense. He has also gifted us with the presence of Michael Fassbender by uncovering this remarkable talent to us (no dirty pun intended). As excited as I was to see his lauded performance, and as impressed as I was, I was just as amazed by Carey Mulligan.

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Marvel-lous Heroes | The Avengers Review

Joss Whedon was certainly the right man for the job when it came to finding a director for The Avengers. The result of his handiwork is one of sheer entertainment. His delightful tongue-in-cheek wit and well-placed one-liners that he gleaned to perfection on Buffy in the late 90s is perfectly suited to the tone of the film and works excellently.

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Meat and Greet

I laughed out loud recently when I read a post on Twitter enquiring of vegetarians: “if you love animals so much, why do you eat all of their food?” I can’t remember who posted it, and in trying to find out who did, I laughed even more at the amount of times this statement had been re-tweeted. Clearly, I am not at all alone in my abhorrence of this ridiculous obsession of abstaining from meat. If, like me, you are not a celery sucker then I suggest you try an excellent Italian restaurant called Carne and satisfy your carnivorous cravings.

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A Work of Art – The Artist: Review

Every once in a while an absolute gem of a film is made and this is truly one of them. I can’t remember the last time I was so excited to see a movie. I have been waiting several weeks in anticipation. This was to be a film like no other of its time…black and white and silent. No special effects, no 3-D, no motion-capture – just old- (very old) fashioned filmmaking celebrating a love of art. My expectations were high and they were surpassed.

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