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Zero Waste Challenge #19: Create a Zero Waste Bag

Looking back at the tips and tricks, there have been many reusable items listed. Keep a collection of these in your zero-waste bag and be prepared as you refuse single-use straws, plastic forks, and throwaway cups in favour of options like reusable utensil sets, cups, water bottles, and straws.

Let’s be realistic though. This may not always be practical or we forget the bag at home. Take a look at your daily habits and see where you can improve them (e.g. buy less ready-made meals wrapped in layers of plastic) or establish which habit is a regular one and try to keep that zero-waste.

Let’s say you drink to-go coffee every day or at least regularly. Carrying a reusable cup cuts back on the daily waste of a throwaway cup. There are even collapsible reusable options that are lighter to carry and take up less space. If you forget, rather opt for the single-use item than buying another reusable one, as these require more energy to manufacture.

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