Zero Waste Challenge #6: Find a To-Go Cup Alternative

Pre-Covid I refuelled with coffee in my reusable cup practically every day. Now that I’m working from home, I drink less coffee and virtually never drink takeaway coffee. On the odd occasion I do, I’m sometimes not allowed to use my cup or, even more frustratingly, baristas will make the coffee in a takeaway cup before pouring it into my cup.

However, like with the paper/plastic/reusable bag scenario, it takes more energy and creates more emissions to make a reusable cup than it does a takeaway cup. But if you use it enough, a reusable cup becomes the more sustainable alternative. Bear in mind that takeaway cups are also throwaway cups. Since they are made from mixed materials, they are not recyclable or compostable.

But if you forget your reusable cup, it’s better (and cheaper) to use a takeaway cup rather than buy another reusable one. Better yet? Sit down and enjoy your cuppa joe in a mug or cup and saucer. Even better (but far more difficult): drink less coffee.

Zero waste tips:
Carry a reusable cup.
Avoid takeaway coffee.
Drink less coffee.

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