Zero Waste Challenge #8: Save Your Scraps

Scraps from fruit and vegetables can go into the compost but they also have other uses. Something I want to try is making my own stock, using scraps from carrots, onions, and celery, especially since onions can’t be composted.

Citrus is another tricky one. Due to its acidity, it’s not great for compost piles and especially not worm farms. Even without these problems, they take a long time to break down. But you can try other things: like making candied orange peel or makeshift candles.

Just because your scraps are made from food, doesn’t mean you need to make them into something you can eat. Let your creative side run wild and try all kinds of fun hacks.


For now, my scraps will go into the garden to grow new veggies and feed the birds. But with winter coming (hot soup season!), it’s about time I try making my own stock.

Zero waste tips:
Make stock.
Feed birds.
Grow food.

Read more about the Earth Hero Zero Waste Challenge here.

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