Resurrecting P.O.D.

The phone rings and the person on the other side picks up and greets me with a relaxed, California drawl. Answering the phone himself Sonny Sandoval, vocalist from P.O.D. (Payable on Death), makes quite an impression. I have a trove of questions and he listens to each one patiently and answers extensively, never rushing or becoming edgy or bored.

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Eish! Wat watch jy nou?

If you are a South African you should watch Zambezia, but only as an act of patriotism because the film was produced by a local animation company – Triggerfish Animation Studios – and its standard and success serve as a symbol of our talent and potential. That is the only reason. It pains me, thus, to have to slate the film; because, sadly, it has nothing else to offer.

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All Things Bright and Delicious

Combining a love of food and the planet is the Earth Fair Food Market. The location is a bit obscure, tucked away behind Bathroom Bizarre in Tokai, but the locals are familiar with it and will quickly guide you in the right direction. The venue is bright, open and airy: perfectly emphasising its love of all that is natural and good and ideal for bad weather as it is completely indoors.

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Animation for the Nation: Kunjanimation 2012

Kunjanimation is South Africa’s premier and only animation festival and will be taking place in Cape Town later this week. The official launch kicked off at the Alliance Française in town with awe-inspiring animation and fantastic French wine. The festival encompasses screenings, workshops, business conferences and master animation classes. It is the only festival of its kind in South Africa and, now in its second year, aims to celebrate the art of animation. What stood out above all else at the launch was the abundance of excellent talent that is available in this country. From the whimsy of childhood to much darker themes, there was a sense of joyful escape evident from the crowd’s delighted reactions to the work.

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South Africa’s Mad Buddy: An Interview with Leon Schuster

There is a certain tension here between childhood nostalgia and discerning film critic. I grew up on the films of Leon Schuster. I can’t even recall how many times I watched You Must Be Joking, Panic Mechanic and There’s a Zulu On My Stoep. Over the years though my tastes have changed somewhat, particularly when it comes to comedy. Yet there is no denying the sway that Schuster still holds over the South African box office. His films continue to draw massive crowds and Mr. Bones, and its sequel, remain two of South Africa’s highest grossing films. His work may never be deemed high art or receive top acclaim from critics, but there is no denying the indelible mark he has left on South Africa’s film industry.

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