Mzansi Talent: Siv Ngesi Visits Inverdoorn

Meeting Siv Ngesi, his profession as an actor and comedian comes as little surprise. He displays a natural flair for comedy, although he declares acting is his first love. “My biggest passion is acting. My comedy and motivational speaking is my other woman, but my main wife is acting. I have Zuma tendencies.” Enquiring about his background, he quickly delves into his childhood. “I grew up in Gugulethu. I really enjoyed that. Grew up in the streets barefoot, causing kak. Then I moved to Langa; and when the white people let us in, I moved to Pinelands. We started slaughtering chickens, and sheep and cows in white areas. SPCA did get a couple of calls.”

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The World’s Biggest

If you need new travel ideas, here is a unique way of compiling a list of travel destinations – seeing the biggest things in the world. Whether you want to add sightings of the biggest animals to your travel list or some of the world’s biggest places, why not start here with some of these ideas, which will take you to all corners of the globe?

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Why are Animals in Danger?

Threats to Wildlife

Most of us have heard the term wildlife conservation. It pertains to the numerous efforts across the world to save the fauna and flora in the world that have been devastated across the ages. Human beings are the primary reason the amazing and diverse magnitude of living organisms of on our planet are in danger. But what exactly are humans doing that is placing wildlife in danger?

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