Top 10 Movies of 2020

It’s been a strange year for the movies, to say the least. The last movie I watched at the cinema was Moffie. After lockdown eased and studios were allowed to hold screenings again, I watched Mulan. But it was in a screening room with a handful of journalists and no popcorn, so hardly the experience I know and love so well. As such, my top ten list of 2020 consists of a handful of movies I managed to watch at the cinema, but most of them are old movies I watched on various streaming platforms because…Covid.

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November Reads

It was a scattered and busy end of the month, as I was away from home. But that also meant time spent on planes, which gave me the chance to power through some books. It’s the perfect way to pass time on flights, especially when you’re wrapped in a mask, dowsed in sanitiser, and trying not to touch anything. Continue reading November Reads