Robert Downey Jr in Black and White

Choosing to shoot parts of Oppenheimer with IMAX cameras was nothing new for director Christopher Nolan. He’d done it before with The Dark KnightDunkirk, and Tenet, among others. What was unique about Oppenheimer was shooting with black and white IMAX cameras. This was a creative decision taken to distinguish various plot strands, with the black and white scenes providing a more objective frame of reference as opposed to Oppenheimer’s subjective frame of reference reflected in the colour scenes.

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Cillian Murphy, Leading Man

He’s never been a leading man in a Christopher Nolan film, despite collaborating with him multiple times. But that all changed with Oppenheimer, which places the Irish actor front and centre as the physicist and “father of the atomic bomb” J Robert Oppenheimer. But it’s certainly not Murphy’s first moment as a leading man. He’s headlined many a movie and it always has audiences mesmerised. Let’s look at some of these shining moments.

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Dealing with Climate Anxiety

The latest and final episode of Habits of Gen Z tackled questions of the future, including climate change. Much like the rate of climate change has been accelerating, so has the passion and commitment in the fight not only to mitigate and adapt to human-induced climate change but also in the fight for climate justice. The latter movement encompasses issues beyond the environmental implications, taking into account social and political implications too.

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Brave: How the Mountains Saved My Life – Review

Mountains have given us many stories: from the fictional like Heidi, Peer Gynt, and Tolkien’s Mines of Moria to the very real adventures of Edmund Hillary, David Lama, Junko Tabei, and Lobsang Tshering. Some of these mountaineers lost their lives in the pursuit of their goals and just reading about their deaths gave me goosebumps.

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