Why I celebrate Hallowe’en (and indulge in horror stories)

Hallowe’en holds many fond memories for me. It started in the early nineties. I was attending an American school and special occasions came with a lot of fanfare, including Hallowe’en. Every year we’d have costume parades, class parties, and trick-or-treating. I’ll always remember dressing up as Minnie Mouse and having the heebie jeebies scared out of me by my older brother during the costume parade, because as his class marched past, he leapt out and growled at me full force through his monster mask.

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A Haunting in Venice – Review

Kenneth Branagh is by no means a first-time director. He’s not even new to the task of bringing books and plays to the screen or of directing himself. And yet his Agatha Christie adaptations (which he directs and stars in) have been fairly middling, with his second Poirot feature Death on the Nile managing to be even more disappointing than his first foray, Murder on the Orient Express. With his third adaptation,  A Haunting in Venice, he seems to be finding his feet.

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