A Southern Halloween

When Halloween started gaining popularity in South Africa, it used to rankle me no end. Much like the introduction of Black Friday does. After all, these are American traditions. Well, Black Friday may be and it is very much a disgusting and despicable practice that we should repel and resist in every way possible. But Halloween, I soon learnt, is not American.

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Learning a New Language

Once upon a time, the answer to learning a new language may have been “take a class”. Not only is this advice not practical or affordable for everyone, but in these stay-at-home times, not necessarily ideal or desired. That is, if we’re talking about physically attending a class. But despair not. There are many other ways you can pick up a new language (or revisit one you’ve long forgotten). I learnt to speak Spanish when I moved to Argentina at the age of five. However, upon returning to South Africa a few years later and not being around Spanish anymore, it soon flew out the window.

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