What are Cosy Mysteries?

My love for detective fiction and murder mystery started with Agatha Christie when I was ten years old. In recent years it’s developed into an obsession, particularly with the subgenre of cosy mysteries. With the exception of the Miss Marple stories, Christie’s murder mysteries don’t necessarily fit into this subgenre. In fact, Christie’s books differ quite a bit from the many contemporary mystery writers she inspires. What they do share in common, aside from the obvious inclusion of murder and mystery, is an escape into a world that offers resolution, a world in which the bad guy always gets caught.

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Shetland #1: Raven Black

This series of books by Ann Cleeves is set on the Shetland Islands and rooted in the realm of straight-up detective fiction, even bordering on noir. Just like Kenneth Branagh’s film adaptation prompted me to read Death on the Nile (although I’d have read it, even without the movie), the TV series Shetland drew me to the books upon which they’re based.

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