What is a Safari?

Going on safari during a holiday in Africa is an absolute must and it has become a popular activity when visiting the continent. Many have tried it and many still want to, but there are probably a few people out there asking: what exactly is a safari? The basic definition is that of an expedition to observe wild animals in their natural habitat. The word itself is derived from Swahili and means “long journey.” While this excursion is not limited to Africa, it is most renowned on this continent, specifically the southern and eastern regions.

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It’s Your Fault: Why I Like Miley Cyrus

Of the pertinent problems inhibiting global culture and solidarity, two are quality by mass appeal and mass hysteria. The culture of music stands as a clear example. If an artist performs sold out shows and has a couple of number one hits under their belt, the assumption is made that they must be good. This is what we call quality by mass appeal. It often places the artist above the work, diminishing both in the process. Furthermore, it limits the experience of the listener by making them afraid to listen to music that is not familiar or popular. This is a movement driven by ignorance. On the flip side of the coin, we have the “collective delusion of threats to society.” This is what we call mass hysteria. It completely ignores the work and is a movement driven by prejudice. The former inhibits us culturally because when we hop on the bandwagon, we have no choice but to follow the driver. The latter inhibits our solidarity, because we frown on those who choose not to hop on.

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The Seven Natural Wonders of the World

You’ve just explored the wild on safari and been bitten by the nature bug. Now you find yourself asking: what’s next? Why not start big, with the seven natural wonders of the world? Travelling to these spots will help you tick a lot of destinations off the list. While you’re at it you will learn more about nature and the wonderful world we live in. But before you start, you need to know what the wonders are. Let’s get started!

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