Crawl – Review

It’s incredibly satisfying to watch a movie that delivers exactly what you expect, and that’s just what Alexandre Aja’s creature feature Crawl does. In the midst of a brutal hurricane Kaya Scodelario’s swimming-champ protagonist, Haley, doesn’t just have to battle the elements as she searches for her father in the crawl space of their old home, she also has to battle a horde of outsized alligators.

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Greta – Review

In the ‘90s, I thrived on thrillers such as Hush, A Perfect Murder, and Kiss the Girls. If Gwyneth Paltrow or Ashley Judd were on the poster, you had a pretty good idea of what you were getting into. Watching these movies now with a more critical eye, it’s difficult to ignore their clichés and contrivances. But there’s no denying they still give me a rush of guilty pleasure – which is just what Neil Jordan’s new psychological thriller Greta does.

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