Top 5 Cape Town Coffee Shops

A holiday to Cape Town brings with it many certainties; white beaches, blue skies and red wine are just some of them.

While the locals enjoy all these, another popular pastime is drinking coffee. Whether it’s a couple of friends playing catch-up or colleagues thrashing out strategy, people across the city convene in cafés at all times of the day; and with a variety of excellent and diverse coffee spots to choose from, it’s hardly surprising.

We take a look at 5 stellar hot spots of Cape Town coffee.

Bootlegger Coffee Company

Situated on Regent Road in Sea Point, Bootlegger is constantly buzzing with activity and offers a coffee special every morning for early-birds looking to kick-start their day.

Bootlegger takes great pride in the unique way they roast their coffee, sourcing high quality beans from Guatemala and Costa Rica.

If you are looking for some of the city’s best coffee, Bootlegger is the place to be. Perfect accompaniments come in the form of fantastic croissants and enormous chocolate brownies.

But that’s not all you can expect to find, as their menu beckons you to drop in at any time, closing the day with a glass of Cape Town’s other preferred beverage.

Hard Pressed Café

Music lovers will adore Hard Pressed Café. It is one of the newest coffee spots in Cape Town, located in Portside Tower, the city’s tallest building, which is just as new.

They offer a delicious variety of coffee and light meals, but it’s their specialty coffee and vast vinyl collection which attracts the most attention.

Inspired by a host of musicians, and including ingredients such as chilli, peanut butter and chocolate chips, their specialty coffees boast names such as the Wham, the Lennon and the Amy. The musical theme is carried through in the décor as well, with album covers and song lyrics adorning the seats.

Providing outstanding service, and with a quirky tipping system you must ask them about, Hard Pressed Café is the perfect place to indulge your senses.

Jason Bakery

An artisan bakery located in the heart of the city, Jason Bakery is somewhat of a misnomer on this list.

Strictly speaking it’s not a coffee shop – particularly as its slogan professes “Bubbles, beer and bread”; but they serve great coffee, and it’s everything else that comes with it that makes it a must on your coffee list.

It’s so ideally located, that if you’re going to grab a cup of coffee in the city, you may as well do it while trying out Jason’s culinary experiments, which range from bacon peanut butter maple croissants and cinnamon Danishes to cherry Napoleon doughssants and haute dogs.

It’s a real taste experience and one of the best ways to enjoy your coffee.

Origin Coffee Roasting

Devoted to the art of making excellent coffee, Origin is so renowned, they supply their special brand to over 80 cafés, restaurants and hotels in Cape Town and beyond. Visiting their main outpost on Hudson Street in De Waterkant will give you the full experience.

Besides the barista school, there is a rooftop courtyard, as well as a tea house for those who find that a cup of joe is not their cup of tea. The diverse origins of the coffee introduce the flavour of a number of nations, just a few examples being Tanzania, Kenya, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil and India.

Its position in one of Cape Town’s trendiest areas lends itself to the café culture, while the variety and rich flavour Origin provides will satisfy any coffee aficionado.

Truth Coffee Roasting

Truth coffee is superb, and can be found throughout the city, but it’s their home base in Buitenkant Street that is an experience beyond just coffee.

Design enthusiasts will find much to admire within the vintage opulence of Truth’s interior; but it’s a spectacle so grand, it will amaze every soul who steps inside. Typewriters, clocks, lamps, suitcases, antique telephones, Singer sewing machines and volumes of literature transport you into a space which would make the characters of Jules Verne and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle feel right at home.

The visual sensation will leave you awestruck, but it never detracts from their mission to roast premium coffee. With Truth drawing creatives from all over the city, the ambience hums with an energy which suits the surroundings and turns this into a true coffee adventure.

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