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Springtime with the Targaryens – House of the Dragon

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Spring has sprung – not only in the southern hemisphere, but in the Seven Kingdoms. Watching all the bloom and blossom in House of the Dragon is a welcome relief after all that ice and snow in Game of Thrones – and a reminder that the southern hemisphere is always happily aligned with both shows. Winter really was coming every time winter was coming.

Now that we get to see Westeros in the full flush of spring, we thought we’d immerse ourselves even further in this dragon-filled world with a daydream about what we’d get up to if we lived there.

Read in a godswood
A godswood is a corner of nature, often populated with trees, found within castle walls of the Seven Kingdoms. This natural corner is usually reserved for a moment of introspection, especially of the religious variety. Godswoods typically contain a heart tree, under which followers of the old gods pray. Game of Thrones fans will remember the Starks often making use of the weirwood heart tree in the godswood of Winterfell for that exact reason.

Springtime is the perfect time to enjoy the natural glories of the kingdoms’ various godswoods. The godswood in the Red Keep contains a magnificent heart tree – and it makes for the perfect reading nook. Under its flaming red leaves, you’ll often find Rhaenyra and Alicent snuggling amongst its roots, getting a bit of fresh air while brushing up on their Westerosi history. The peace and solitude also make it a perfect escape for those moments you need to take a break from the high-pressure demands of court life.

Explore the Kingswood
If you’re looking for a wider gambol through the woods, might we suggest the Kingswood, south of King’s Landing? It’s full of creatures, including stags, perfect for the keen huntsman to ply his sport (just make sure you don’t do it drunk). If you spot a stag, count yourself lucky: they’re shy and elusive creatures, and coming across one is a mesmerising experience. On the less mesmerising side of things are bullish boars who might just try to gore you.

Go horse-riding
Outdoor activities are the order of the day once spring arrives; and there’s nothing like a leisurely trot on horseback to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of spring – all while getting a healthy dose of exercise. If you’d rather gallop and work up a sweat, participate in a tourney or ride away from royal events in a mad huff.


Go dragon-riding
If you like your outdoor activities even more extreme, might we suggest a dragon ride? Perching on a dragon’s back as you soar through the sky will give you a bird’s eye view of the kingdom. This is the ride of a lifetime. Of course, it’s also dangerous: dragons are temperamental creatures with hot tempers, so you’d be best off cosying up to a Targaryen or a Velaryon and asking them to take you along for a ride.


Enjoy the sea breeze
The Stepstones is a chain of islands lying between Westeros and Essos. If you visit this spot, you’ll get to revel in the feel of the sea spray on your face and the wind in your hair while admiring the view. But with battles brewing in this region, and the constant presence of pesky pirates, you’re more likely to leave a negative review on TripAdvisor…assuming you get out alive.

While the Targaryens and their court get up to all these seasonal shenanigans, the question of who will be heir to the throne hangs in the balance. Watch the Targaryen family drama continue in House of the Dragon every Monday Express from the US at 03:00 or in prime time at 21:30, on M-Net channel 101. Missed an episode? Catch up with DStv using your connected device.

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